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GEOLOGY   is one of the twelve chapters of The National Atlas of the United States® which was coordinated and led by USGS. In this volume we have incorporated 46 layers of information. These include Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Geologic Map, Mineral Operation, Magnetic Field, Waterways, County Boundaries and many more. Also we have included more detailed Geologic Maps from Open-File Reports of USGS (at the scale of 1:500,000 or larger) for 48 States. To see the full list of the layers please click on Layers tab. The other chapters are, Agriculture, Biology, Boundaries, Climate, Environment, Government, History, Map Reference, People, Transportation and Water. Geobyte is planning to produce these Chapters in near future. One can generate various maps by selecting layers of interest. With the GPS capability of the system (built-in GPS in iPad) your location is known and you can add note to the point of interest. Also you can calculate distance between two points and the area of a polygon. The Legend or Key has been designed in the way that one can select all or select specific items from the key and generate the map. For example you can generate map with only Cretaceous Sedimentary rocks with earthquake of certain magnitude. Add your notes, edit and save them on the map. There is no need to have access to WIFI, 3G or 4G Data Network. All the data are saved in your iPad. The application runs on iPad and iPhone with iOS 7 or later. The National Atlas of the United States®, is the registered trademark of the United States Department of the Interior

I 46 layers of information.

II Included also, Detail Geologic map (1:500,000 or Larger) of 48 states.

III Both Mercator and Lambert Equal-Area Projections.


IV No Need for WIFI or Data Network, all the data saved in your iPad.

V Generate Map from one or more units of the Legend.

VI GPS Capability. Location on the ground is known.


VII Units can be identified by long tap on the screen.

VIII Unique, Fast, Reliable and easy to use.

IX Education Discounts, Normal Price only $4.99.


X The application runs on iOS 7 or later.

XI About 500 Mb data to download.

XII Add your notes, edit and save them on the map.


XIII The distance between two point can be calculated.

XIV The area of a polygon can be calculated.

XV US ATLAS works on iPad and iPhone.



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What our clients say

Some of the reviews and ratings from customers who have tested our application.

Already use Mancos and the Geograph series for more local geological info. This is a broader view and very flexible for dataset selection. The UI needs a bit of work. We were not able to zoom into eg Utah, bouncing between California and the Arctic circle. Suspect the UI will improve and so 5 stars for sure.

By SedonaDenise
Fantastic System, better than what I was waiting for!.
Hard to believe in this day and age you can have a great system like this for only $4.99. The vast amount of information, great features, easy to use and very fast. Now that USGS removing The National Atlas website, this is only option to have all those layers mapped on the iPad. In fact this have advantages because you have the GPS and no need to have access to Data Network, means you can take it with you to the field and do your project. I like it very much and recommend it students and professional..

Nick Steel
Very user friendly with plenty of functionality. Provides relevant statistics that can easily be analyzed. Interface is very clean and simple. Layering function a huge plus that gives users the ability look and analyze multiple data points. Offline GPS is a great as well. This is an excellent companion app for geology students. There is no other app like this with this amount of information and at this price.

Good data and unique features. You can make any map by selecting geological units you are interested. I give it 5 stars.


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